HICI Digital Power Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Wuhan Hiconics Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd, now short as “HICI”), established in 2015, is a national high-tech enterprise as well as national tech little giant enterprise dedicated to providing customers with overall solution of “vehicle-charger-grid”. The company is located in Wuhan Optics Valley National High-tech Development Zone, with more than 250 employees, of which core R&D personnel account for about 30%.

The company business has covered two major fields, namely inner power system and outer charging system of EV vehicles. Product types include universal AC/DC chargers, HPC (high power charging) system, automatic charging systems as pantograph system and port specialized charging equipment, vehicle controllers, motors and air conditioning controllers. Until now, the products have been applied to more than 200 cities across the country and exported to more than 50 countries and regions globally, aims to contribute to the development of global digital power.

HICI has perfect testing technology and has established the largest new energy R&D test center in central China, which can complete electromagnetic compatibility immunity tests such as electrostatic discharge, electrical fast transient pulse group, surge as well as high and low temperature, alternating damp heat, salted fog and other environmental experiments and related electrical performance inspections. By virtue of over 20 years R&D experiences of electronic power control technology, HICI R&D team has developed multiple independent intellectual property rights of core technologies such as software and hardware development and design, system integration design and application engineering technology. Platform, mobile terminal charging service and vehicle control, high-power DC/DC power soft switching and synchronous rectification, high-performance electric vehicle drive and many other core technologies and have independent intellectual property rights, and so on. Thus, HICI has accumulated enriched experience in R &D and manufacturing fields.

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By virtue of high-quality products and services, HICI has won many awards such as "Gazelle Enterprise", " Excellent Software Demonstration Enterprise", "Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Enterprise", "Little Giant Enterprise in Science and Technology", etc. It has also wined awards as “2018 Top 10 Charger Brands in China Green Logistics Industry”, 2019 Top 10 Charger Brand Award", "2020 Top 10 Influential Brands in China Charging Facility Industry", "2021 Top 10 Safety Brands in China's Charging Facilities Industry", etc. Meanwhile HICI has successfully passed the assessments as "Safety Production Standardization of the Three-level Enterprise", "International ISO Full Series Management System Certification", “IATF16949 Certification” and other authoritative certification.

Take “To be the Global leading brand in Digital Power Field!” as the company vision and " Green and Intelligent Technology Contribute to Achieve Zero-carbon Life” as its mission, HICI will always adhere to the corporate values of "Customer First, Continuous Innovation, and Integration of Knowledge and Action", keep close cooperation with the upstream/downstream enterprises and make contribution to the continuous promotion of global energy conservation and emission reduction.

Company Profile