How to Get a Safe Charging Process on a Rainy Day

In the actual process of charging, it is inevitable to have to charge the vehicle in the rainy day, especially in the charging station without canopy, which makes people afraid of personal safety. How to charge the car safely in rainy days? For car owners, the following safety matters should be kept in mind:

1. When parking, try to choose a place with no stagnant water and high parking spaces to avoid the phenomenon of batteries being soaked in water. If there is water in the charging area, charging is prohibited.

How to Get a Safe Charging Process on a Rainy Day

2. Before charging and connecting, carefully check whether there is water or foreign matter in the connector interface of the charging pile side and the car side. Be sure to clean or wipe it before connecting.

How to Get a Safe Charging Process on a Rainy Day

3. When moving the gun, make sure that the muzzle is facing down to prevent rainwater from splashing into the gun.

How to Get a Safe Charging Process on a Rainy Day

4. When opening the cover of the on-board charging socket, make sure that the socket is not exposed to rain and prevent rainwater from entering the socket. For the sake of safety, it is recommended to open the umbrella during the whole process of using the charging pile to avoid the key charging port from being exposed to rain.

How to Get a Safe Charging Process on a Rainy Day

5. Please be familiar with the emergency stop before charging, if any abnormance occurs at the of the car side or the charging pile side during charging, please press the emergency stop button of the charging pile immediately.

6. If there is too much rain, please stop charging according to the standard operation. It is recommended to charge in the charging pile/station with canopy or shelter

7. In case of fire, please dial 119 for help immediately


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